Philippines Travel Photo of the Month

Travel Photo of the Month 4

Keeping faithful to my “resurrected” project of posting travel photos which I revived last month, here comes my October entry.

Here’s one of our lovely photos which we took in Mati, Davao Oriental. Behind us is the Provincial Capitol.

I was amazed to learn that my cousin’s husband was actually part of the provincial leadership which oversaw the Capitol renovation. Their efforts included the “marked declaration” of the province as to who they ultimately trust.

I had written a full post of our travel to Mati last time but that post went MIA when I had problems with blog hosting some time ago. So, I am still gathering enough energy to write one again 🙂

Just Bits on Mati:

  • Mati, officially the City of Mati, is a 5th class city and the capital of the province of Davao Oriental, Philippines.
  • “Mati” comes from the native word “maa-ti” meaning “dries up quickly”.
  • Early residents: Mandayans, Kalagans and Maranaos.
  • Location: 165 kilometers from Davao City, the regional center of Southern Mindanao (Region XI).
  • Population: 141,141 people (2015 Census).
  • Getting There: Fly in from Metro Manila, Cebu and Bohol to Davao City. From Davao International Airport, it’s a 2.5-hour ride in a private vehicle and 4-hour bus ride from Davao City Overland Terminal (a bus leaves every 30 minutes). Vans for hire are available at Victoria Plaza Mall and Gaisano Mall. From other parts of Mindanao, you can take a bus going to Davao.

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