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Taste and See

In my last post, I talked about experiencing the music, songs and dance of another culture in the place or country you are visiting. I have to add that you must also taste and see the unique dishes or food, including the fruits while you are there.
There was a time when I visited Marawi City with a group of friends. And to my surprise, when it was time for a meal, they asked around if there was a fast food place we could go to. I asked them why should we eat the same food we already eat most of the time when we are back home? Shouldn’t we try to taste what the city or the culture there has to offer?
I don’t know about you, if you could relate more to my friends or to me. But I would say that it is a wasted opportunity of one does not try the food and fruits unique to the place or culture you are visiting. Sure, there may be some very strange dishes or fruit to you but I think you can try just even one kind of dish or fruit there. Who knows, you may even end up liking it and missing it when it’s time to go 🙂

Try unique dishes while you are traveling.

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