Don't Forget Their Music & Dance

As you make your way to visit new places, new cultures, take time to hear their own music, their own songs. And yes, take time to witness their dances.
You will see the creative and artistic part of a culture through its own music and songs and yes, through its dances.I must also add that most cultures or people groups tell their stories through their songs and dances. We miss so much when we fail to witness and experience a country’s own dance and music.
There are several ways to experience the song and dance of a particular culture. One way, of course, is to attend cultural presentations or concerts while you are there. Another way is to also buy CDs of their music or maybe DVDs that feature their dances or cultural numbers. This would also mean you could take a part of their culture with you when you come home. You end up getting richer in terms of knowing, appreciating and even understanding another culture 🙂

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