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Make Time for Siam Ocean World

If you love the ocean and its magnificent creatures, you should really make time to check out Siam Ocean World whenever you travel to Bangkok, Thailand.
I had the chance to check it out for the first time in 2007 with my friends and as of late last year when my husband and I were in Bangkok, I learned that more fun activities and learning opportunities have been added in which I think would make both kids and adults enjoy even more their time there.
While at Siam Ocean World, you can have the chance to try the Ocean Walker Experience. By using the special Ocean Walker helmet, you can walk among the fishes and other sea creatures in the water itself. They also have a Glass Bottom Boat which allows you to see even closer not only the different kinds of fish but also stingrays and yes, sharks! And remember that you are able to enjoy these and more right in the heart of a mall, in the heart of Bangkok!
The Siam Ocean World is located at Levels B1 and B2 of Siam Paragon Shopping Center. It is opened from 10 am to 21 pm (or 9 pm), last entry though is at 20 pm (or 8 pm).  Tickets for tourists, Thai residents and expats can also be bought online. These are the admission prices as provided online for tourists: 900 baht (29 USD) for adults and 700 baht (23 USD)  for children. They can give 10 per cent discount though, as indicated in their website (as of this writing). This is the admission rate exclusive of other activities. For specific packages there, you may get more information from:
The Siam Paragon Shopping Center where Siam Ocean World is located is easily accessible via Sky Train (BTS).

Enjoy the beautiful creatures of the ocean at Siam Ocean World

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10 thoughts on “Make Time for Siam Ocean World”

  1. i enjoy looking at beautiful fishes and marine life but i think i am going to pass getting near a shark..with my luck, it might be hungry just as the boat i am in gets near lol

  2. Murag lami man kaau magsnorkel diri ui. Nice kaau nga view noh? Kung pwd pa lang na pang home aquarium…isa jud ni sa dream nako ba, makaadto sa lain laing lugar sa Asia. Interesting kaau nga mga places…ako ni icheck out kay basig diay makaadto puhon. bpc hop!

  3. Sounds like an interesting place to check out! I love to visit aquariums myself and samot pa nga naay bata diri nga ganahan pud kaayo.
    Late BPC hop!

  4. what a beautiful sight. I haven’t had the chance to visit ocean park here in manila , i guess, it would be a lot of fun to visit Siam Ocean world.

  5. I love to visit places like this. Now that we have kids, the more that it is interesting to do coz the kids would surely love it a lot!
    Late BPC hopping!

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