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Set Off in Style Aboard the P&O Oriana

The P&O Oriana offers the note of elegance and luxuriousness that many of us are looking for from a quality cruise holiday. Of course, cruises can be great for keeping your children happy and suitably entertained for a week or more but if you have a more mature vacation in mind this time around then the Oriana is well worth considering.
The mid-sized adults-only vessel is perfect for a special holiday if you have perhaps a wedding anniversary or a birthday to celebrate. You’ll find intimacy and friendliness in equal measure and all while sailing the seas on what is undoubtedly one of the most refined commercial vessels every to brave the oceans. The Oriana has a distinctive tired stern that sets it apart in the design stakes but the real cause for excitement is born of the array of activities that are on-board, the promise of some wonderful weather and the chance to see some of the most unimaginably beautiful parts of the world in serious style and extreme comfort.
With P&O you are guaranteed a high level of service from staff who are always on hand to help you settle in or to meet any needs you might have during your stay. A relaxed atmosphere helps like minded cruise lovers enjoy their holidays in a collective spirit but you will as well be well set to make the most of your adventure on a personal level. In terms of the culinary delights available, you will find plenty to whet your appetite as well, with every taste catered to and a number of top-notch offerings unique to P&O.
So you can be sure of being entertained throughout your trip however long it might be and however far it takes you but there are mini cruises available this year and next that are perhaps ideal for first timers or anyone who likes the idea of cruise holidays but struggles sometimes to really find their sea legs.

Watch the wondrous sunset with your loved one on a cruise. Photo credit:

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