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The Good News of New Flights

This is good news for travel lovers from Caraga region! That is for those travelling from Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Sur and Surigao del Norte.Β Well, this may be especially good for Region 13’s regional center, Butuan City.
Cebu Pacific will be flying from Butuan to Davao City and vice versa by October! The travel time is only about 55 minutes and what a refreshing news this is! Bus travel, after all, from Butuan to Davao is 6-7 hours (sometimes extending to 8 hours actually. The morning flights (6:30 am from Butuan to Davao and 7:45 from Davao to Butuan) are available Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. And the cost for the flight is not bad at all considering that this will save you travel time (as well as cut down on your travel stress) . This new schedule (as of September 2012) can now be accessed at the Cebu Pacific website. And yes, you can start booking now πŸ™‚
Cebu Pacific is also launching several key flights from Davao, Iloilo and Zamboanga to other key destinations in the country. Check out their website for more information.
Gone are the days when you can only fly from Manila or Cebu to reach other parts of the country. Thank you, Cebu Pacific, for making our travel a bit easier and more fun! We hope you will also continue to further improve your services πŸ™‚

Passengers waiting for their luggage at the arrival area of Bancasi Airport, Butuan City

UPDATE: As of mid 2013, flights from Butuan to Davao City and vice versa are no longer offered by Cebu Pacific.
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9 thoughts on “The Good News of New Flights”

  1. that is good news indeed! it makes it easier for people to travel when there are more options on how to get to their destination..flying, although it costs more, is faster and better than land transport

  2. Wow! That is a good news, Sis! Now many can go to those places na without waiting for long hours sitting on the bus. Kapoy kaayo mag-bus kesa less than an hour nga flying. Nice! Hooray Cebu Pacific! πŸ™‚
    BPC hop!

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