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Of Music and Seasons

I can not explain it but these days I am enjoying listening to classical music a lot. I discovered more about this kind of music way back in my university years. And I’ve carried a love for some distinct pieces through all these years.
One of my favorite classical pieces is Antonio Lucio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The music is not only something delightful for me to hear and experience but every time I listen to it, for me it’s actually like Vivaldi is telling a story through the seasons of life 🙂 Well, that’s my take of it. But I am just thankful that once upon a time, God gave us Vivaldi and his wonderful gift of music which we still enjoy until this time 🙂
Just some facts about Vivaldi: He was nicknamed il Prete Rosso (“The Red Priest”) because of his red hair. He was an Italian Baroque composer, Catholic priest, and virtuoso violinist. He was born in Venice and was recognized as one of the greatest Baroque composers. The Four Seasons is considered to be his best known work.
Here’s Vivaldi’s beautiful music, courtesy of YouTube:

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