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How To Enjoy Monsoons In Mumbai

If you are in Mumbai by any chance during the monsoons, then take some time off your busy schedule to feel the rain. I know Mumbai is not an ideal vacation spot. It is far from being perfect. Most of you who have already visited Mumbai might actually feel there isn’t much to do once you land here.
But hey! Mumbai has various attractions that are exquisite and worth visiting. To be honest, it is difficult to explore Mumbai in one day. But even if you’ll be visiting Mumbai for a day or two, say for a business meet or so, do take some time off to appraise this beautiful city.
Early June marks the beginning of the rainy season in Mumbai, and yes it’s that time of the year again. If at all you happen to visit Mumbai this monsoon, make sure you a book a decent 3 star hotel in Mumbai for yourself first, depending on your budget, and then head out. Mumbai is no less than an adventure sports for the people living here. However, the most interesting fact is that people in Mumbai still love the rains.
No doubt the city looks beautiful in the rains, but the moment you step out of your home or hotel in Mumbai, the reality is different. Those melodious rainy songs that you hum otherwise, won’t seem appealing when you’re stuck in a 3-4 hours of traffic jam or while you’re walking on the roads with muddy potholes everywhere. But that shouldn’t stop you from having fun in this city.
Here are 5 amazing places to experience the beautiful monsoon in Mumbai which can be covered in a single day.
Gateway of India

Gateway of India. Photo credit:
Gateway of India. Photo credit:

Gateway of India is arguably the most notable attractions of Mumbai. Be there to enjoy some feisty waves, especially during high tides, since it is situated on the waterfront. Also, try some monsoon snacks from any of the street vendors or nearby restaurants.
Marine Drive
Popularly known as the Queen’s Necklace, Marine Drive is a three kilometer stretch of sparkling lights facing the Arabian Sea. During high tide, you’ll be drenched with the energetic waves that rise up onto the road most of the times.
Worli Seaface
Just in case you miss out the Marine Drive, you could visit the Worli Seaface which is equally beautiful. It’s the next best thing during monsoons. You can enjoy the splendid rains along with a splash of ferocious waves during this season. There’s a promenade too where you can sit, relax, walk along and click pictures, with the Bandra-Worli Sea Link as the backdrop.
Juhu Beach
Located in one of the plush suburbs in Mumbai, Juhu beach has a beautiful sea view on one side with tempting snack corners on the other side. But please note, it can get crowded during the weekends.
This place is perfect for monsoons. The sea waves hit you making you feel refreshing and happy. On the other side, bandstand is home to some of the biggest names in the country. It’s one of the favorite spots among the locals as well as the tourists.
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