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Looking for the Lights

We are not just talking here about any kind of light. What I actually mean are the Northern Lights. Ever heard about them? I first heard about them when I was about grade school. No, it was not during classroom time but during my own personal reading time (I love reading a lot). I thought then that it is such a fascinating phenomenon. I still think so today.
The Northern Lights also known as Aurora Borealis are beautiful bright lights that could be seen in the sky. It’s really like seeing colors being painted with the sky as its canvas. Others have likened it to the sunset but the difference is that the Northern Lights could be seen usually in arcs and at times, spirals. Its dominant color appears to be green but with neat splashes of pink. This wonderful, natural phenomenon happens when particles from the sun collide with the atoms in the atmosphere of our planet earth. I would say that this is one beautiful collision we would enjoy happening all the time.
Speaking of time, you may wonder when the Northern Lights take place. This could be followed closely by the question: which part of the world could you witness it best? As to the time, the Lights are said to be at its peak in September and March, specifically between 6 pm to 1 am. Here’s more: “maximum solar activity” is said to occur in 2013! This means your view of the Lights could be more spectacular than this year or the past year. The best spot to see the Lights is your choice between Iceland and Norway. So, if you haven’t thought of travelling to these parts of the world, then perhaps it’s time.
If you do choose Iceland, then let it be known that there is much to explore and love in that country other than the Northern Lights. Two of my friends after all, have opted to call this country as home.
There are package tours for Iceland which include not only a great experience of the country and what it has to offer but the packages also include going to spots where you could best see the Lights. You can even have an opportunity to have sessions to learn more about the Aurora Borealis should you choose these packages. Now that would mean not just a tour for you to relax and enjoy nature but it will also mean a fun learning experience as well. If you do agree, then get ready and pack up for a trip to Iceland in 2013 or perhaps even sooner 🙂

The Northern Lights as seen in Sweden. Better view of the Lights could be seen in Iceland.

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