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Finding Finland

I never really thought much about this country before. It was, after all, a long way from my part of the world in Asia. Well, that is until I went to Thailand a couple of years back and met some of the lovely people from this beautiful country called Finland.
Yes, I had the chance to work with Finnish people while I was involved in mission work in Bangkok. Three of them I would say became my good friends while I was based there for more than a year.
My interaction with these friends as well as the other Finnish people in Bangkok allowed me to see slices of Finnish culture and of the country itself. Through their stories, I began to see what fun and beauty awaits the traveller to this country.
I must mention that I also got the chance to enjoy Finnish pastries and yes, Finnish coffee, thanks to my friends. I am never really fond of drinking coffee but Finnish coffee, wow! Give me a cup or two anytime!
I also heard a lot of the fun things that people could do in Finland even during winter! Winter time in this country simply doesn’t mean just staying indoors. There is so much fun one could have even during a Finnish winter trip.
What also intrigues me a lot about Finland is that from their side of the world, one could also get to experience a polar night and a midnight sun. A polar night refers to the time or period when sunrise is not seen for days, weeks or even months! As for the midnight sun, this is the time when one does not experience the sun set even at midnight! My Finnish friends told me about these and honestly, these unimaginable times to me (sans sunrise or sunset), made me wish that I could have the chance to tour this country one day.
Some of the outdoor activities that you could also enjoy in Finland include skiing, golf, fishing, and yes, yachting. You could also enjoy bird-watching there. And if you enjoy hiking then Finland is for you.
While I may have shared some thoughts about Finland, there is so much more to be discovered about it. But other than reading about it, there’s nothing like going there yourself (which I definitely hope to do so soon). So how about you, would you consider having a Finnish Holiday soon? 🙂

Helsinki Port Island. Photo credit:

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  1. that dream of coming to finland just came true thru the cruise trip i had recently…nice post sis..thanks sa bisita…will share post about helsinki soon. ingat!

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