Europe Going...Gone!

Exploring Eastern Europe

How would you like to travel and experience 7 countries in 24 days? This could be something that you could give yourself as birthday gift or perhaps it is something that you and your husband could enjoy together as you celebrate your wedding anniversary. Yes, you can avail of a travel package that covers all these 7 Baltic countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and of course, Russia! Now isn’t this a trip of a lifetime?
Now, there are also other European tour packages you might opt for, which could mean shorter days and more specific focus on a few key places in Europe. But I am more inclined towards this idea: since your foot is already touching European soil anyway, why not go all out and make the most of it?
If you do avail of this Eastern European tour package, the plus point here is that you will have an English speaking guide with you and your companion or group. A tour package would also work well with you if you are the type who likes your trip organized well, with an itinerary to go through covering the key spots for you to visit in each country. This was something that worked well with my then single sister who chose to give herself a lovely European tour package as her own birthday gift last year. She opted to enjoy a tour package with a group and she immensely enjoyed it. Her travel, however, did not cover the Eastern part of Europe (she went through England, Rome, France) so perhaps soon she might just be curious about enjoying Europe’s Eastern part as well.
I would love to have the chance to see Eastern Europe myself some time soon and not just read or watch about it. There’s nothing like being there (all there) and exploring all 7 countries, experiencing the varied cultures, listening to the different music, tasting their food, checking out their paintings, their museums and art galleries. Then there’s the aspect of course of meeting the people and capturing your experiences there through pictures.
If you think you don’t have the time or the money for this trip, think again. This can be planned in advance. You can also save for it or do an extra job to help you prepare for this trip. And if money is no problem for you, then it’s a matter of taking the time for it. Travelling broadens your perspective in life; it allows you to appreciate the flow of life, of daily living in different parts of the world. Choose to make time for it.

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