Getting Great Airfare Deals

If you would like to get good airfare deals, perhaps these tips can help:
1) If the airline company offers newsletters on their website, go ahead and subscribe. For instance, there are great deals that are offered by Qantas Airways. These are included in their newsletters and if you are a subscriber, you’ll be one of the 1st to know their special ticket sale or discounted airfare offers.
2) Some airline companies like Cebu Pacific have a free club membership that you can join. You can register for their club at their website. And the perks? You get exclusive perks on promos and the hottest seat sale deals — all sent directly to your email.
3) If there are no newsletters or clubs you can join in, you can follow the social media accounts of your preferred airline. This would usually mean their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Many times, they will announce the latest sale or perks through these accounts.
4) In this age of advance online booking, booking early usually means cheaper fares now. So if you could plan your travel itinerary way ahead and do advance booking, this could save you bucks.
5) The time-tested strategy of travelling during low season can also save you some.
If you would like to add more tips, just leave a comment below 🙂

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