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6 Tips for Visiting Menorca on a Shoestring Budget

The ability to travel to exotic parts of the world and spend a bit of time away from domestic troubles and cares is one of the joys of modern life. British travellers have enjoyed the friendly bars and sandy beaches of Spain for several decades now, and the island of Menorca has long been a favourite for those looking to get away from it all.

With a balmy Mediterranean climate that’s only a couple of hours’ flight away, the island is an ideal retreat for tourists dreading the onset of a dark and dreary winter. Many hesitate, though, because people often tend to think that taking a holiday is expensive. To be sure, travel has its costs, but, flights aside, virtually every other bill can be worked around or negotiated. Here are 6 tips for visiting sunny Menorca on the cheap.
1. DIY
If you book through a travel agency then you’re paying a premium in order to have the work done for you. The well-known holiday companies all have to make a profit and ultimately they do that at your expense. If you want to travel on a shoestring, you have to be prepared to do the legwork yourself. You may be surprised at how little of it there is to do.
2. Timing

Like many economies that are heavily based on tourism, Menorca is a seasonal resort. During the unpredictable British summer, thousands of families travel to sunny Mediterranean islands, creating massive demand and pushing up prices. If you go in the off season though (i.e. not during a school holiday, and especially not in the summer months), then not only will you have more room to yourself, but accommodation will generally be cheaper.
3. Flights
Whilst the cost of getting there is unavoidable, shopping around will almost always yield some benefit and sometimes can be dramatically cheaper. Book well in advance and you will likely reap the rewards. Make life easy by using a shuttle service at Menorca Airport.
4. Negotiate

During the off-season, hotels and resorts are hungry for your Euros. That places you in a position of strength. When you’re organising your trip, get prices from a variety of different kinds of accommodation rather than booking with the first place you find. If you like a particular venue but their rate seems a bit high, don’t be embarrassed to negotiate. Many businesses will be prepared to compromise on their normal rates in order to fill empty rooms in a quiet period.
5. Prepare the Ground
It can seem a little boring, but if you know what you want to do in advance, it allows you to control costs much more easily. You can also take advantage of discounts for booking early. Whilst you’re at it, take the opportunity to turn off 3G and data services to avoid being charged a fortune by your phone provider. Even better, leave your mobile at home.
6. Choose Self-Service
Renting a villa can be much cheaper than staying in a hotel, with the benefits increasing the larger the party you’re travelling with.

At the same time, you’ll find that buying from a supermarket is much more economical than dining in restaurants. A relaxed evening meal at your villa can be a real delight. In short, then, there are many things that the aspiring traveller can do to radically cut the cost of a well deserved rest. It simply requires doing a bit more research and planning in advance, usually online, to have a holiday to remember, that won’t hurt your wallet.
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