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A Time to Unwind: Online Games, Anyone?

What do you do to unwind?

There are, of course, plenty of leisure activities to choose from. Some would go on short trips, read a favorite book, watch a movie, dine out with the family or loved ones while some also unwind by playing games. And that game can be an online one, too.

All that I have mentioned, I actually do. Yes, including playing online games. These online games are free and you actually have plenty to choose from. All you need is your computer/laptop, tablet or phone with a good internet connection and you’re on!

So, let the games begin! Here are some online games I enjoy:

WORD GAMES. There is no denying that I love words so I enjoy playing these games. Word games help brush up one’s vocabulary. They bring new words to my attention. To be more specific, I enjoy the Daily Crossword and Letter Scramble.

Even as a kid, I already enjoy playing the Crossword in newspapers and magazines. The great thing in playing it online is you can play with a new Crossword every day! And if you’re the type who still loves doing it with pen and paper, the good news is you can actually print it out.

As to playing the Letter Scramble, this is simply typing as many words as you can from the letters provided. This requires speed in recognizing/coming up with words from the given letters as well as in typing them.

HIDDEN OBJECT GAMES. Perhaps because I enjoy playing hide and seek as a kid and because I adore mystery thrillers (short stories, novels or movies), I also gravitate towards this game. The Hidden Object Games can test one’s observation skills. This is all about one’s eye for detail.

There are easier games to choose from and there are also the more challenging ones. For me, because there is a time limit in finding the hidden objects, I usually start playing with the easier one before I attempt the more challenging ones.

CONNECT 3 GAMES (MATCHING GAMES). I still enjoy playing these games from time to time, especially Zuma Legend. The Connect 3 Games require you to make observations fast as there is a time limit for you to succeed in the game.

The games I have mentioned and more can all be accessed online and for free. All these games challenge your brain to think (recognize or come up with words, remember words or learn new ones, make detailed observations) and challenge you to do so quickly (involving your eyes and hands as you take action).

But like all good things, the key is moderation. So enjoy (and learn!) in moderation!

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