Between Steps

The Whole New World of Blogging

Yup, that’s right. Blogging can be a whole new world for someone who just heard about it but never really got into it. What I mean by getting into it is not just reading blogs but actually writing blog posts, maintaining a blog site.
I must say, I’ve tried twice to start a blog and then I didn’t get around to sticking to it. All I had was one or two posts and then I bid my good byes. Well, maybe it was a different season in my life. It was not the time for writing or blogging for me. I did encourage a sibling of mine to start her own blog and she was the one who kept at it since 2007. So why am I somehow moving myself into the blogging world again?
Ah, it all started when I got asked to write for a couple of magazines again. You see, I used to work as a writer and then copy editor for a couple of magazines in the mid 90s in a bustling city in the South. And then I packed up to move somewhere else in Asia for a cause outside of myself 🙂 But somehow, by last year, my writer and editor friends found me again and asked me for articles. Well, I wrote again. But in the course of doing so, I also remembered that once upon a time, I had wanted to run my own magazine. And since I do not have the financial capacity at this time to revive that dream again, it dawned on me that I could “publish and write again” via a blog this time.  Thanks to a friend (Raya), to my hubby and to some wonderful bloggers who have  inspired me, I have managed to stick to blogging this time. And thanks to God, too, who always makes all things beautiful in His time.
Now, I have also come across other bloggers who have kept at blogging and who can somehow inspire all other bloggers like me. I am looking forward to get connected with the BC Bloggers. You see, one thing I am also learning in the blogging world is that it’s a great place to begin and keep connections and relationships. You also get to reap what you sow. I am sowing on relationships and connecting with other bloggers, knowing that I can also reap these as well. If you are getting into blogging, you should check out and consider linking with other bloggers in this wide, wide world of blogging yourself 🙂

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