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A Luggage Story

It spells convenience for me and I think for every traveler.
The many times that I have traveled to Cebu has given me the chance to use the  traveler’s lounge in SM Cebu. Through the years, I’ve also seen its improvements which is a good thing for every traveler.
SM Cebu is just a few minutes from the Cebu sea port which makes it really convenient for passengers to drop by there for some shopping before they catch another leg of their trip by sea or even by air (before they head off to Mactan airport). They may also just drop by the mall to meet some friends, do some shopping. Thanks to the traveler’s lounge, they can leave their luggage there. Well, they can even take a shower, if they chose to 🙂  The services come with a fee, of course (P30-P50 for baggage deposit, P50 for a shower and for mobile phone and laptop charging at P25-P50; all in all, each service would cost less than 2 USD) . But I think, during such times, travelers are willing to pay the cost for a bit of convenience. Travel tickets can also be purchased there as well as some souvenirs.
And so on that particular June day, my hand and heart were a bit lighter as I proceeded to my next appointment. My luggage was at the right place just waiting for my return 🙂

Luggage can be left for a minimal cost at the SM Traveler’s Lounge

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9 thoughts on “A Luggage Story”

  1. That is very nice and convenient. Good thing there is a place to deposit your belongings safely. This kind of place must be a travelers best friend.
    Visiting for BPC!

  2. That for sure is convenience at its best! I will take note of that when I can hop in Cebu for just a while unya naay luggage nga hassle kaayo bitbit-bitbiton. The price is worth it, too! 🙂
    BPC hop!

  3. amazing that you need to pay. life these days, nothing is free anymore. but if they need a service fee, the service should be worth it. 366 bpc visit here.

  4. wow that is cool! i would used that service myself. i dont mind paying extra just to get that comfort. =)
    visiting from BPC 180, hope u can drop by..

  5. wow, that’s indeed convenient, Lors! Re my blog theme, actually nagka problema ko with free themes… gi ayos ni Ruby and it’s back to this very simple blog theme… I am scared to change it! hahaha. 🙂 thanks for joining WW, by the way!

  6. oh so cool… I don’t know if we also have like that here in Davao… prices are not bad, so if daghan ko bitbiton, I would rather like to get that services… para mas magaan ang buhay.. kuk. Visiting from WW.

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