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Whitney: When the Melodies are Gone

I am sure that everyone has heard the news by now. The legendary singer Whitney Houston has passed away.
This lady from New Jersey,USA has been known as the only artist to chart seven consecutive No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hits. The  Guinness World Records cited her as the most-awarded female act of all time. Ah, who could not say she had a stunning, powerful voice?
I think we have also heard how she has had problems with drugs, with her marriage. That’s the sad part, I think, when we look at her life.
I am not sure that everyone knows that Whitney sang at church while growing up. She sang beautiful music to the Lord and blessed the people in doing so. Her mother was a Gospel singer herself. As I’ve mentioned, many sad things took place in Whitney’s life but I find it quite a pleasant thing that the last album she had worked on in 2009 (which even peaked number 1 in the US music charts as well as in other countries) was somehow a return to her Gospel singing roots. The song, I Look to You, which is also the title of the album is powerful; beautiful Whitney singing of a God she can look to, turn to.
On the night before she died, Whitney also sang impromptu “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” with another artist. This was her last public performance, her last song. She also recorded this song way back in the 90s.
I think that despite all the fame, riches and heartaches that Whitney experienced in this world, she knew where she could really turn to for strength and true peace. In the end, I think she did know where to go to “when all the melodies are gone.”
Be inspired with her 2009 hit from her last album, I Look to You:

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