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Where to buy WEETBIX in Manila

Living in Melbourne for awhile, I assimilated some of the Australian culture and Weetbix is something I look forward to for breakfast in the mornings. For those of you who may ask what Weetbix is, it’s a type of cereal, shredded wheat compacted into rectangular-shaped bits of breakfast delight.

Weetbix with sultana bran and milk

Although some just have Weetbix with milk, I prefer mixing it with other cereals like muesli or sultana bran.
I was panicking when the last box we brought with us from Oz was running low. And since we opened that last box, I had been on the look-out for one when I went grocery shopping. I looked in SM, Robinson’s and Rustan’s. Unlike Jakarta where Weetbix is readily available in supermarkets, it’s not like that here in Manila. I suppose Jakarta being closer to Australia is probably a factor. I turned to the internet for help but when I searched Google, the entry that I found was back in 2008!
This is the blue box that I was always on the look-out for when I go grocery shopping.

When there was only about a week’s supply left, I scoured expat forums hoping to find an answer. I posted in a Facebook forum asking for assistance and someone told me to go to Market-Market in Global City. I went there and yes, they did stock Weetbix at some point but they ran out sometime ago and they are not sure when they will order next. I had palpitations then. When I got home after the disappointing trip to Market-Market, someone from the Facebook forum posted a photo of the precious commodity that she found in Landmark Makati when she went shopping earlier that day. I was almost flying out the door after I read that. Off to Landmark I went. I grabbed the last two boxes left in the shelf and paid for it immediately!!
It costs Php270.90 for a 750g box

This was weeks ago, I’ve just gotten around to writing it now. I visited again last week and they have plenty of blue little Weetbix boxes neatly displayed, as if to reassure me that it’s not going to run out anytime soon.
Text & Photos by Alicia Davis

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