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Waterworld in The Mall

Okay, I do not really mean that the whole mall has been covered with water but there is very refreshing body of water inside The Mall (Bangkapi) of Thailand. The Mall is the name of this well-known mall in Thailand which is found in major locations within the city of Bangkok. And they have this cool waterfall inside their malls. Well, they even have a huge pool for swimming as well in The Mall, Bangkapi! The pool or should I say, pools are located on the top floor of the mall and in open air, by the way. You and your family can get a nice swim there on any given day. Isn’t that really cool? Check out the photos for yourself 🙂  By the way, my husband took the pool shots on top of this structure where you can slide down your way to the pool 🙂

There are fishes in this lagoon inside The Mall, Bangkapi

Swimming on top of The Mall

With the green umbrellas, the sun can’t touch us 🙂

We can go higher and slide down our way to the pool.

Note: This post is also linked with Watery Wednesday

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