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Finally, Got the Prize

If you have been flying Cebu Pacific airlines within the Philippines, you would have witnessed and joined their “Show Me” game on board their flights. This game is only for the domestic flights, I haven’t witnessed it on their international flights so far.
The mechanics of the game is really quite simple. The flight attendant will ask for an object. This will be commonly found in your bag or wallet. The first one to show the item gets the prize. I think this really gives extra fun during the flight. The prizes are also practical and useful like a bag or a pillow that you could use while travelling. Each time I fly Cebu Pacific, I listen in to the instructions, who knows I could be the one bringing home the prize.
Well, finally, about three weeks ago on a flight from Manila to Butuan city, I showed the appropriate item and may I say, one of my favorite items in the world, having worked as a writer and editor — a pen. (I did say the items asked for are usually found in your bag or wallet, so as of now, laptops have not been one of those ‘show me items’). And so I won a water bottle in my favorite bluish shade. Robinsons Residences was the prize sponsor.  Unfortunately, my prize  has been claimed by my husband as soon as I got home and showed it to him. Anyways, a cool water bottle for a “pasalubong” is apparently tops on his list. It was still a nice feeling to have won it 🙂


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