Between Steps

A Time for Music

While there are several things I would list as things I like to do, for sure listening to music and when possible, playing music would be one of them.
This heart for music — well, I must have gotten it from my parents and then my siblings. While growing up, I remember that music is being played night and day in our house. We even have a car stereo installed in our private jeep then which we had during my elementary years just so music could be played as we travel or go around. My brother went on to play with several bands in our city and played in hotels and resorts in Bohol at night when his engineering day job is over for the day 🙂  For sure, I do not play as well as my brother but like him,a  musicians friend warehouse sale event will still excite me. I mean, who doesn’t like to get a new musical instrument if one wants to play? And who doesn’t like to get a new guitar, keyboard or drums at good prices and with good quality, too?
 photo pexels-photo-89909_zps5lwdp5mx.jpeg
Music  when played or listened to is able to take you some place else 🙂  It’s like reading. It opens up to you a new world or it brings you back in time and place. It is able to give you distinct pleasure 🙂

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