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Things to Do this Summer Aside from Travel

Summer time is heating up in this part of the world. It can mean new travels to make with the family or with friends. But wait, you can also choose just to stay in your city or town and still enjoy a good summer vacation. Here are some fun things you and the family can do aside from going on a trip:
1. Do a staycation at your favorite hotel. If you do not want to drive long to get to that beach resort which is hours away from your place, then try this option. And of course, choose one with a swimming pool, good cable TV and with good food. Stay overnight or up to 3 days depending on your budget.

2. Visit an art gallery, park and museum. Not everyone in the family may like seeing a museum but mixing up these three or two of these in a day can be a good exposure for everyone to arts, history and nature. After your visit, engage the family members by asking them what they liked about the place as well as what they did not like. And don’t stop there. If there was something they did not like, ask them what could be done to improve or change whatever it was that they did not like. Don’t forget to ask them what they also learned from the visits.
3. Play music together. Yes, you can schedule times of playing or learning music together. And to make it a bit more exciting, why not decide to hold a mini-concert at a given time, inviting some relatives as your audience. And while you’re at it, consider purchasing new equipment or evenย dimarzio pickups, check it out at This depends on your budget, of course. Alternatively, you can stage mini-plays or dance presentations. It can also be a talent show. Include the neighbors’ kids and parents, if you like ๐Ÿ™‚
4. Visit an orphanage or a home for the aged. While this may not seem fun at first glance, it usually turns out inspiring when you do this. It reminds everyone in the family how blessed you are and this is also an opportunity to encourage and give to those who are not able to give back to you in return. No need to lecture the kids about what a good life you have, just ask them to be observant during the visit and ask them what they think about the activity or what they learned from it once you’re back home. Ask them also how they can help others in that given situation. Be sure to contact the orphanage or home first to inform them of your planned to visit.
These are just ideas to start you off thinking what you and the family can do together for that coming summer break. If there are more you can think off, just comment below ๐Ÿ™‚

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