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The Advantages of School Trips London

There are many places you can travel to on a school trip. However some offer far more advantages and excitement than others. As this article reveals, one of the best places you can visit is London. Find out why here.
London is a vibrant, exciting and fascinating city of contrasts. There are modern buildings to enjoy – not to mention the famous wobbly bridge – and alongside them you will find buildings that have been standing for hundreds of years. These buildings are just part of what the city has to offer, and in terms of school trips there is plenty to be learned when you arrive in the city.
So what are the advantages of taking school trips to the city? For starters it is an ideal place to visit if you want to teach school children all about history. Many of the most famous events in history took place here. Think of the Great Fire of London, the plague and the events of the World Wars. London was touched in no small way in each case. Add to this the fascinating history of the city itself, being built up from nothing and becoming Londinium in the process and you can see how fascinating a history it has.
Another perk for visiting the city on school trips London is the fact it has so many museums to explore. You can head for the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the British Museum and the Museum of London itself. No matter which topic your students are studying, you can be sure of finding a museum that will help them learn more about it.
Of course you don’t need to visit a museum to find out more about London and to make the most of a school trip to the city. There are many notable landmarks that provide a lesson in themselves. Take the Tower of London for example. What student would not be interested in the grisly and gruesome tales of those who met their end in the Tower? Other notable sights to see include Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s and the many Royal parks that are dotted around the city. As you can see, there is little chance to become bored when looking through the amazing opportunities the city has to offer.

London is a vibrant, exciting and fascinating city of contrasts.

If your school is based close to the centre of London you are certainly in an excellent position to make the most of everything the city can offer. However you can still enjoy a day out in London even if your school is within an hour or two of the city. It all depends on where you want to visit and how long you plan on staying there. In any case it is worth focusing on the various advantages of getting to London and learning from all the resources it holds for you.
You probably realise by now that while London clearly fits in well when it comes to history lessons, it can teach much more than this too. Many other subjects can be helped with a trip to the city for the day. Think of how the geography of the area has changed through the centuries, not to mention how the social side of life has developed through the ages. London can teach us a lot.

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