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On Buying Souvenirs

I’ve mentioned in a past post that I like buying some souvenirs which say something about the culture of the place I’m visiting or its people.
Some of the souvenirs I buy include musical instruments, their woven cloth or even their ethnic costume and their art work. My purchase, of course, will also depend on how much shopping budget I have 🙂  I would often ask advice from my local contacts or friends in the place where I could buy some souvenirs. They will most often (if not always) know where to get the best stuff and at the best price, too!
Now this painting I got from Thailand (it’s painted on cloth), only cost me 100 baht or about 3 USD. My hubby and I got this in Chiang Mai when we were there for a conference. And it was my Thai friends who told me where to buy the coolest stuff and souvenirs 🙂  So if you think this is a great buy and if you haven’t done this before then do it next time: ask your local friends/contacts where to purchase your souvenirs 🙂

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