TRAFALGAR SQUARE at night -London

I sat on the steps with the National Gallery behind me and ate a sandwich that I bought at a nearby grocery shop. I could see red double-decker buses and cars in the roundabout and I could hear a siren from a distance, don’t know if it’s a police siren or an ambulance. As it …

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Between Steps

It's Time to Call

One great way to connect with family and friends is certainly to pick up the phone and dial away. Talking with them on the line is a great way to update each other on what’s been happening and of course, extend concern and care. It’s great news then that in the US, one can avail …

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Europe Going...Gone!

A Place Called Reading

I used to think of the word “reading” before only as a verb, what one does with words and letters. That is until I discovered that there is an interesting place called Reading in England. And if you ask me what caught my attention about this place, I have at least 3 reasons to give. …

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