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A Place Called Reading

I used to think of the word “reading” before only as a verb, what one does with words and letters. That is until I discovered that there is an interesting place called Reading in England. And if you ask me what caught my attention about this place, I have at least 3 reasons to give.
The Reading Festival. This is also known as the world’s oldest popular music festival in existence having begun in 1971. Although the festival traces its roots as far back as 10 years prior, it has found its home in Reading by 1971. The music genres that dominate the annual festival scheduled every August include rock, alternative, indie, punk and metal. With multitudes heading to the festival next year, it is certainly a good idea to get your Reading Festival Tickets as early as this month if you intend to attend.

Music draws people to Reading. Photo: dan/
Music draws people to Reading. Photo: dan/

Jane Austen’s school. If you count Jane Austen as one of your favorite writers as I do then you will find it quite interesting to note that she attended Reading Ladies Boarding School in the Abbey Gateway in 1784–86.

Oscar Wilde in Reading Gaol. It was in Reading where we could trace perhaps one of the lowest times in the life of the Irish writer and poet, Oscar Wilde. He was imprisoned in Reading Gaol (now HM Prison Reading) from 1895–97. But as we know imprisonment didn’t stop Wilde from writing. While he was there, he wrote De Profundis. After his release, he also wrote The Ballad of Reading Gaol, based on his experience of an execution carried out there.
You may have other reasons that make you think about Reading but for me, at least for now, I have three.

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