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Something Old and Beautiful

Some posts back, I mentioned about enjoying delicious seafood in Cebu. We sampled such a gastronomic treat at STK Ta Bay! sa Paolito’s Seafood House. But other than the food something caught our eyes while we there.
You see, in that Seafood House along Orchid St., Capitol Site, we also had the chance to see something, or maybe we should say some things which were old and yet beautiful. Apparently the owner enjoys collecting dated and antique objects. And I was quite happy to check out the stuff. For a moment, I thought of opening up a mini-museum some day 🙂  Ah, we are free to dream after all 🙂
old and beautiful - Copy

4 thoughts on “Something Old and Beautiful”

  1. usually old and rusty objects has value in it especially when they are collectible items 😀 i would love to have something old too 😀

  2. Wow! Those are good for my eyes, Sis! I love looking at ancient stuff and I am amazed with how they are being preserved.

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