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Best Itineraries to See South Australia on Bike

Why not try something a little different, and make your next South Australian holiday a scenic bike tour! From a weekend away to a full 8 day adventure tour, there are plenty of options for everyone. You don’t necessarily need to be experienced, and there’s no better way to truly explore the state than by a cycle tour. Here are a couple of the best itineraries to see the picturesque landscape of South Australia by bike.

Barossa Valley Wine Tour

Cycle through the scenic Barossa Valley and experience the diverse and beautiful landscape of the Adelaide Hills over 5 leisurely days. A fascinating cultural mix of contemporary and classic, exciting and relaxing, this region truly has something for everyone to enjoy. Vastly rambling Stringybark forests intertwine with neatly maintained vineyards in a stirring contrast of nature and nurture. Your tour will take you from rolling hills to dramatic ravines, and allow you to experience everything in between.
Famous for fresh local produce, fine dining and of course its world class wines, the Barossa Valley is the perfect place to escape. While you are riding, keep an eye out for boutique galleries showcasing some of the stunning works from local artists. To complete the Barossa Valley Wine Tour, you will only need an average level of fitness, as it is mostly flat and not too challenging for most riders.

Kangaroo Island Adventure

This tour will take you further off the beaten track. Your itinerary consists of an 8 day cycling adventure which will explore the unique Kangaroo Island by bike. An absolute must for the nature enthusiast, this tour introduces participants to the abundant wildlife, stunning wilderness and spectacular coastlines of the island. You’ll enjoy the warm local hospitality during your trek, and spend your evenings sharing stories with like-minded people and making new friends.
Some of the natural wonders you can expect to see along the way are amazingly pristine beaches, undisturbed National Parks, and an array of seals and penguins lounging on the rocks. Once you’ve worked up an appetite you will be treated to the freshest of local seafood, and a few glasses of deliciously refreshing local wines to quench your thirst.

Naracoorte Annual Easter Cycle

For a relaxed and fun weekend away, you can’t beat the annual Naracoorte Easter Cycle. With a range of different treks available, from a casual ride through the countryside to a challenging sprint with fellow sportsmen, there is something here for all ages and abilities. Be sure not to miss the famous Night Ride as well!
When it’s time to dismount for the day, there is still plenty to see and do in Naracoorte. Take a bushwalk to explore the natural caves, or drop in to the local country pubs for a quiet beer and traditional dinner. If fine dining is more your thing, then there are plenty of great places where you can feast on the freshest of local produce, and the finest wines of the region. Visiting the historic museums and galleries is also a great way to spend your time relaxing in between rides.
Whether you want to challenge yourself, or relax and soak up the scenery, there’s a cycle tour in South Australia to suit your needs. Most tour organisers will also offer custom rides, which allow you to create your dream itinerary from scratch. No matter what you end up choosing, there’s no doubt that the best way to experience the magic of South Australia is from the back of a bicycle.
About the author:
Sean Smith is an experienced Travel Agent in Adelaide, South Australia. He has created numerous biking itineraries for foreign travellers that have come through his office. Before he sends his travellers off on their adventures he recommends they visit Merida in Adelaide to equip themselves with proper attire for biking activities.

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  1. It would be a very awesome experience to see the beauty of the place through bike. You can freely feel the win while satisfying your eyes with the scenic view.

  2. Hubby plan to have bike tour at the mountains maybe in the future this will be one of those plans :)…But did not know how to ride a bike ahhahaha/.

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