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Solo Getaways: Europe 2013

There’s nothing more gratifying if you’re on your own, than packing your suitcase and jetting off to foreign shores on holiday. Imagine the sense of freedom you would get from exploring your destination solo – the friends you would make that you ordinarily wouldn’t bother talking to. It can be an amazing experience and if done correctly, will leave a lasting impression.
From watersports holidays on the beach or lake to mountain walking holidays and guided excursions, a holiday for the single person doesn’t need to be boring. Crammed with awesome activities to suit every preference, Europe can be full of surprises.
Indulge in activities you are passionate about with no need to please anybody but yourself. Whatever your preference, dedicated activity reps can help you make a choice that will leave you feeling exhilarated.
Watersports Holidays
For the thrill seekers, watersports are a must. With a huge variety of options available, from dinghy sailing to the more adventurous windsurfing, you will be able to find an activity in which you can flourish. For the ultimate fitness test, have a go at kitesurfing on the ocean waves or for a fun filled ride, jump on the back of a jetski or kayak on a lake if you’re holidaying inland.
Walking Holidays
Walking can be a fantastic option for single travellers. Take the opportunity to walk or hike with a group of likeminded ramblers or if you prefer your alone time, discover the area solo. Grab some advice from a local activity rep and decide on your routes. With rustic villages aplenty and heritage galore, take advantage of being able to take things at your pace and fully appreciate your surroundings.
Book a walking holiday or a beachside watersport extravaganza online now and be sure to find a cracking deal for your solo vacation.

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