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On Butuan City & Its Charter Day

Today, August 2, the city of Butuan celebrated it’s 62nd Charter Day or Adlaw Hong Butuan.
Despite the heat of the day, the city led by the city officials celebrated this special day. Among the notable events of the celebration was the unveiling of the new name of the newly renovated Rizal Park. The park has been renamed Guingona Park, in honor of the late Teofisto Guingona, Sr., the first Filipino Governor of Agusan. His son, former Vice President Teofisto Guingona, Jr. also graced the event. The officials also made a visit to the grave site of the late Congressman late Congressman Marcos Calo. It was through his efforts that Butuan became a chartered city in 1950.
Butuan has continued to move forward with the times. In the last two years, new businesses have opened and several buildings are in different stages of construction (including Robinsons Butuan). It looks like the city is breathing in new life after a fresh batch of city officials were ushered in during the last elections.
The city despite its development continues to have its rustic charm. And like several cities in Mindanao, one still gets to see lots of green and land within the city. The photo below, is in fact, taken not far from Butuan City Hall 🙂
Butuan City is relatively a peaceful and safe place in Mindanao. It also has a rich history and is known as home of the balangays.

The rustic side of Butuan City.

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14 thoughts on “On Butuan City & Its Charter Day”

  1. what a beautiful view Sis Deli, the sun shines add more beauty to the river 🙂 I only been to Butuan once but that was long time ago 🙂 Dropping by from BPC.

  2. The last time I went to Butuan I guess 2002..Our house is just 1 hour from Butuan…Visiting from BPC also…

  3. wow! good for Butuan coz it will have Robinson’s soon… haaay…i wonder when will Bohol ever have malls like SM and Robinsons… hehehe.. i have been here once but i was still a small girl, i could not remember the place anymore.. 216 bpc visit here.

  4. are you from butuan??? its on my go-to list too… specially since i have been an avid fan of the Balangay voyage 2years ago… 🙂

  5. beautiful sunny skies, clouds are very white which makes add the beauty of the river Sis Deli 🙂 Dropping by from Wednesday Whites 🙂

  6. Oh my dear beloved Butuan…it’s one of the cities where we mostly visited kay duol raman mi taga-Surigao:)
    visiting from WW

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