Newquay – When to Visit the British Riviera

When it comes to short breaks in Cornwall with nothing but fun and frivolity on the cards, there is usually only one place that comes to mind – Newquay. Newquay is about as close to the full-on Mediterranean experience as you can get without actually leaving the UK, serving up a unique climate all of its own, some of the most stunning beaches in the world and one of the liveliest holiday atmospheres imaginable. As such, it has been a mecca for UK tourists and weekenders for a sizeable chunk of history and is going stronger than ever today.
However, it would also be fair to say that it has developed something of a “Brits abroad” reputation over recent years, albeit not actually in an abroad sense. From raging stag parties to questionable nightclubs and various other examples of 18+ revelry, it has for some lost its appeal as the uniquely stunning corner of Britain it once was.
In truth however, the Newquay experience differs enormously depending on the time of year you go, so if looking to get something specific from a trip to Cornwall’s crowning glory, consider the following before making a booking:

High Season

High season in Newquay covers the July to early September summer period, the Easter break and pretty much any bank holiday that falls during the warmer months. During these times, it appears as though most of the UK’s party population sets up base in Newquay – the town’s population regularly swells ten-fold in the highest season. As such, while this is indeed the very best time to go for those looking to socialise and get stuck-in with the throbbing masses, accommodation prices are at their highest, beaches become crowded, finding a seat in a bar is almost impossible and getting around by car IS impossible.
Travel at peak season if you want to enjoy a touch/heap of chaos – otherwise give it a miss.


Without a shadow of doubt, the most beautiful time of the year to hit Cornwall and Newquay is the springtime. Not only is this the time the land comes alive with natural beauty and splendour, but also when the first tasts of summer can be enjoyed without the crowds. For example, travel between April and June carefully avoiding any bank holidays and the reward will often be superbly cheap accommodation prices, somewhat deserted streets and a feeling of the traditional Cornwall of times gone by. The only downside is that many businesses won’t yet have opened up for the season, so eating, drinking and shopping options can be limited.
Autumn can also be splendid, though with slightly sketchier weather.


English coastal winters are brutal and those in Newquay are no different. The stretch between November and March can sometimes seem to last a lifetime, when temperatures plummet and the town is permanently draped in a damp, grey blanket. On the plus side, you’ll seldom find another tourist, but you might also have trouble finding many hotels open for business.


The one shining light in the winter season is of course Christmas and New Year, when the town springs to life with some of the most incredible festivities you’ll find in the UK. The New Year’s Eve fancy dress party that encompasses the whole town is simply unmissable and the whole thing is controlled well enough for the whole family to get involved. Again however – peak season prices apply…big time!
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