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My Dream Travel Destinations

About 7 years ago, I wrote a post about my dream destinations. And well, I have somehow forgotten those specific places 🙂

I’ve revisited that post tonight and realized some things have changed and well, some have remained the same.

I would still love to travel to Israel in my lifetime. And yes, Greece and the European continent, too.

But places like Macau, Taiwan and Japan have also piqued my interest. A visit once again to Singapore with my husband this time would also be great.

Having traveled to New Zealand in 2016 and realizing there will still scenic spots that my hubby and I have not been able to explore there — well, I wouldn’t mind going back there again. Canada has also broken through my dream travel destination list.

I would also like the opportunity to travel to at least one or two countries in the African continent.

Well, let’s keep those travel dreams and do our best to prepare for them, too!

Here’s to insightful and memorable travels in 2019 and beyond! 🙂

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