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Is Travel Blogging Really for You?

If you have been reading the “amazing life” of travel bloggers, drooling over their travel photos on Instagram and YouTube travel videos – you might be gearing yourself up to start your very own travel blog.
And why not? Even these travel bloggers encourage you to do so even sharing their resources with you to make it easy for you to begin a travel blogging chapter of your life.
Many will also tell you that aside from enjoying sponsored trips, they are also earning well from blogging.
But is it really that easy, that fun? Can you really earn from travel blogging? Here’s a reality check:
It’s Not Always Easy nor Fun. The travel part is always fun (especially if it’s sponsored) but the writing takes effort.
Well, everything that is meant to be excellent will always take effort. A lot of effort. This is also true for travel blogging.
So, during your trip, you need to be sure you are taking photos, taking videos. You also need to write down details about your trip, so these will come in handy when you write your blog post.
For me personally, I just want to enjoy a trip without always thinking what’s the best photo or video to take. If I’m travelling with family, I just want to enjoy the moment without having to jot down details for the trip which I would need later for the blog.
Maintaining a travel blog will also take consistent effort on your part. If you want your blog to be read and followed by others, you need to have regular fresh content. We’re not even talking yet about utilizing SEO for your blog.

Traveling is fun but blogging about it may not always be so.

It Doesn’t Always Mean Sponsored Trips and Sure Blogging Income. If you think that travel blogging is equal to numerous sponsored trips and amazing blogging income, think again.
The truth is travel blogging is saturated. There are just too many travel bloggers occupying the online world.
In fact, there are just too many bloggers. You need to ask yourself: How will your travel blog be different from the others? Why would businesses choose you and your blog for a sponsored trip? You need to be able to offer something different from other travel bloggers.
If you expect to earn income from affiliate links on your travel blog, you need to know which ones would really bring in the cash.
While there are bloggers who would tell you, they earn well from their travel blog, there are also bloggers who will honestly tell you that they hardly, if ever, really earn from it.
Say yes to things you are passionate about.

Yet, travel blogging can really be for you. If you simply love to travel, if you simply love to write, if you don’t care whether you earn from it or not – then it is still for you.
In other words, if it ranks as a passion for you then go for it.
If you love the challenge of building and maintaining a blog, growing your audience and are willing to learn new things then it is for you.
If you are willing to build your blog towards becoming an income source for you, learning and utilizing key business tools including master data management process, then blog on.
Travel blogging like most things we pursue in life might mean facing challenges from time to time. That’s just the way life goes on and we can be okay with that.

3 thoughts on “Is Travel Blogging Really for You?”

  1. I love blogging and I love traveling but I have never incorporated those two into one. A lot of bloggers here in the US travels a sponsored ones which I wish I could but I have no guts in convincing companies ha ha..

  2. I happen to love traveling so when i started my general blog, I realized I need to put all my personal travel experience to another blog, and my travel blog was born.
    Traveling is a fun experience to have in your life time. It can be costly if you don’t have sponsors. I don’t have sponsors for my trips. All of them are shouldered by me personally but I have no complaints because I enjoy doing it.
    Others may find it a bit lucrative to begin with. One can always put up a travel blog even if the travel is local. Showcasing new places, accommodations, tours, places to eat, and where to hang out are good topics to add in a travel blog even if they are all local.

  3. I always include our travels in my blog posts, but I don’t really consider myself a travel blogger, just a blogger who loves to travel. I still have a lot to learn in terms of taking good photos and creating/editing videos, and that will definitely take a long, long time.

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