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3 Tough Challenges One Could Face While Travelling

While travelling can prove to be an enjoyable as well as insightful experience, there are some challenges that can also go with it. Here are 3 of what I consider as tough challenges that one could face while travelling:
1. Health issues. All is well and exciting when you travel to another country. But their food can be very different from what you have in your country: its smell, taste, color, texture. It’s no problem at all if you like the food and it agrees with your digestive system. But this may not always be the case.

The first time I traveled to Thailand and tried their spicy vegetable dish, I actually ended up experiencing food poisoning. It was terrible. I vomited for a couple of days and had to run frequently to the bathroom to cope with the diarrhea that came with it. I managed to see a doctor who gave me medication and told me to be careful of what I eat and drink there.
TIP: Do as what the doctor has told me, be careful of what you eat or drink. Read up as well on the common health issues of the place you are travelling. Get vaccinated if needed. Bring a basic medical first aid kit including basic medicines (for pain, flu, diarrhea).
2. Language problems. I have to say that during the above trip to Thailand, it was difficult to find a doctor at first because I can not explain my condition to my Thai contacts who were not fluent with English. I cannot even tell them in a way that they will understand that I want to go to a doctor because I was sick and in pain! The US trained Thai doctor who I was able to finally seek help from reminded me that if ever I plan to stay longer in Thailand, I should really make the effort to learn the language to make my stay enjoyable.
TIP: Look up essential words and phrases in the country you are visiting and memorize them. These words may come in handy: water, food, bank, embassy, help, emergency, sick, injury, hospital, police station, toilet.

3. Safety and Legality issues. Sometimes, we can forget that what may be safe or okay to do in our city or country may not be true in the place we are travelling to.
For instance, in your own country it may be safe to walk the streets at night, but this can be dangerous in many other places. I found this out the hard way in Bangkok where I was assaulted and robbed one early evening even if I was walking on a street with people around.
In your country it may not be a big deal to go out for a drink or for an unmarried man and woman to hold hands or stay in a hotel room together. These are, however, considered illegal in some places like Dubai, for instance.

In your own country, it may be okay to talk against the government officials or your country’s royalty. In Thailand, speaking against any member of the royal family can get you locked up in jail.
In instances when we find ourselves in a legal scuffle, attacked or injured in our own cities and home countries, it can be relatively easy to find a lawyer who will fight for us like the personal injury attorney tampa. This may be quite a challenge when we are in another country.
TIP: Get to know the culture of the country you are travelling to. Know its safety and security issues. Know what legal issues have been faced by past travelers there. Know the contact details of your country’s embassy there in case you would be needing assistance.
We should always welcome the opportunity to travel but let’s be prepared for these trips so that we will be spared from what may be unnecessary travel headaches and heartbreaks.

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