Between Steps

I Started this Blog 8 Years Ago

It really seemed like a long, long time ago.

And it all started in Bangkok, Thailand in the midst of the immense flooding the country was experiencing in back in 2011.

My husband and I were in Thailand as we helped organized an international conference in Chiang Mai and shortly after, we stayed on in Bangkok for several days. We stayed with a Filipino family who were then based there. It was the wife, who was also a good friend, who introduced me to blogging. And as they say the rest is history.

This blog has had its share of mishaps.

Like the time, I lost several posts because of technical glitches from my host.

Or when those supposedly free sites handling my photos suddenly declared they wanted payment. Like overnight. And with prices too exorbitant for me.

With hundreds of my photos from this blog and the other ones I have (yup, I somehow diversified and ended with more than one blog) now out of my reach.

This means I have to upload again all the photos so that they can be seen on this blog. Well, to be honest, I have not been able to cope fully with this yet as I am not really a full time blogger with all the time in the world.

So if you go through some of my old posts, the photos would be gone.

I do not want to completely remove those posts because I put effort in writing them. Maybe they were not as wonderfully written as I wanted them to be but still, I invested my time (and paid my internet and electricity bills) to have them go live. So I let them be for now.

I have been actually thinking of stopping this blog a couple of times already but somehow I could not do so. Maybe for sentimental reasons? I am not really sure.

Well, perhaps I might just make some changes to this blog come 2020. Perhaps a new decade is also a signal of a NEW Steps on Air.

But for now, this blog is still here. Will just see how it goes 🙂

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