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And So COVID-19 Changed Our 2020 Travel Plans

During the 1st week of December 2019, I flew to Cebu to visit a sick friend and to also undergo a medical check up.

Looking back now, that trip seemed like ages ago really.

Life is almost at a standstill. COVID-19 has changed my normal routine. With the community quarantine enforced in my city here in Mindanao, my office work has become “remote work.” And going out of the house has only meant doing the basics (like getting groceries).

I have a booked ticket to Bangkok for May this year, thanks to free points from Thai Airways. But that trip has been cancelled, of course. They are offering me free rebooking. And then there was supposed to be a scheduled trip for a Conference in Chiang Mai during the latter part of this year. That event has been moved to next year.

Still there were other possible travel plans but all those have been moved to the indefinite corner of my mind and well, of reality 🙂

For now, we spend time with family. We pray. We help what we can in the midst of this worldwide health crisis.

Well, the time to travel will come again. We’ll just have to wait for it.

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