5 Ways to Find Hotel Chains with the Most Comfortable Beds

Whether you’re looking for a bunk bed for the kids or you’d rather just settle into a king size all for yourself, visiting a hotel can be difficult when it comes to how comfortable the beds happen to be. Thankfully, there are five things you can do if you want to find a comfortable bed to relax in while traveling. These tips will ensure that you get the best night rest possible when staying at just about any hotel.
1. Read Reviews
First and foremost, you’re going to want to read reviews online specifically written for a particular hotel. The reviews will be written by people who have stayed at the hotel and will include many things that you’ll want to take into consideration. One thing to keep an eye out for would be the reviewer talking about the quality of the beds. This gives you an idea of how comfortable they are and what you should expect while you are staying there.
2. Check the Hotel Website
Another thing you could do when looking at bed quality is to actually go to the website of the hotel you’ll be visiting. On the site, most hotels will go out of their way to state that they have upgraded beds for their customers. If you do not see any of this information, it could simply be because the beds the hotel has are older and not updated. It might also mean that the hotel has yet to update their site after adding in new beds.
3. Call the Hotel
If you’re trying to figure out the bed quality in your hotel, you might want to also try contacting the hotel by telephone. Do not be afraid to ask the reception manager about the quality of their beds so that you can get an idea of what to expect while there. The reception manager will be more than happy to tell you if their beds are updated and any positive reviews they have received from them.
4. Check Out the Room Yourself
If you do not have to make reservations for the room, you could also check out the bed quality yourself before paying for your stay. Just ask the reception manager if it would be possible for you to look at the room before paying for it and they will be happy to accompany you. Do not feel weird laying on the bed for a few seconds to get an idea of how it feels on your back and body.


5. Ask Before Booking
Before spending your hard-earned money on a hotel room, you should really ask around before booking the room. You might want to ask friends and family members who have stayed in the area about different hotels available. Most people will be more than willing to tell you what hotel they liked and even the hotels they recommend that you stay away from.
Written by Kylie Ward
Kylie is a proud mum of four boys. She loves DIY home improvement and travelling. Kylie’s husband produces loft beds in Sydney studio.

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  1. That is definitely my husband. Whenever we travel he is in charge of hotel booking and it usually takes forever to get one because he would thoroughly checked every reviews on that certain hotels

  2. It Would be good to book your Travel Ahead of Time in that Way you have more time to chose the nice and Comfortable hotel. As Long as The Room are lovely,clean, And Comfortable Plus The Employee are nice, Friendly and Warm That’s good.

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