Travel Like a Rock star

Superstars got it good. First class all the way, they get to go from one place to another with all the comfort and ease that luxury can attain them. Actually anybody can, for that matter, travel like a rock star these days. All you need is some serious load of cash and the right private jet charter, and you’re set to get the best quality service from the moment you set foot on the airport until you reach your destination; and sometimes even beyond that, you’d still get the VIP treatment.

You basically just need to book yourself a private jet charter and the charter will set everything up for your utmost convenience. No more lagging of flight boarding procedures and no more crowded and uncomfortable masses. Just go to the charter airport. You will immediately be guided to your chartered plane. There are minimal security hindrances so you get to relax better. The plane’s interiors are very spacious. Guests won’t need to squeeze into the seats.

The type of private jets differ you ride in is your personal choice. There are a variety of jet types and charter companies out there that you can choose from. Many private jet charters tie up with travel tours for the vacationing guests. Everything from car services, hotel accommodations, helicopter rides to yacht tours are available for your pleasure.

Car Service

Charter airlines, oftentimes, also provide car or limousine services complete with chauffeurs. Some provide busses for travelers in groups, cars such as executive sedans or airport cars. These vehicles will be hanging around you as part of your tour package and you can tour the area with them. That sure beats the heck out of commuting. The chauffer service is available on call. You’re practically escorted from door to door.


Some of these charter flights also offer package tours for the vacationers. The moment you land, the air charter will notify its affiliate travel tours of your presence. Depending on the package, the tour provides a variety of things to do. Some of the tour packages will even get you to tour the surrounding area on board a helicopter or yacht. To complete your rock star experience, not only do you get to travel with the best amenities on the plane, but the VIP experience also extends on the ground with these exciting rides. The helicopter ride will give you a bird’s eye view of the skyline; while the yacht tour caters to the water enthusiasts. You’ll get to cruise along oceans and other bodies of water.


Of course, no first class tour would be complete without a stay in a luxurious hotel. The hotel accommodations can also be part of the elegant tour package that the private jet charter will arrange for you. You can choose the type of accommodation that will suit for you. Rest assured whichever you choose would have high quality standards.

Whether it be going on a first class vacation tour package or simply getting from one point to another, flying on a private jet charter will surely an unforgettable experience. So why not try one and travel like a rockstar?



About the Author 

Reece Andrews has been travelling since he was 21. Starting out with Europe he has now settled in the Turks and Caicos islands and writes about luxury travel.

PAL’s Promo Fares for Business Class

My first international trip out of the Philippines was way back in 2002. The destination was Bangkok, the land which was home to me for a season in my life. I was advised by the consular office that I should get a round trip ticket which is also valid for a year if I intend to stay on there with the organization which worked out my visa. Needless to say, the ticket cost was quite exorbitant for me as I checked out possible airline carriers. Thankfully, family and ministry partners (yes, I was set to do cross-cultural outreach work in Thailand that time) rallied with me and I was ready with my ticket, luggage and an ample amount of God’s favor over me.

What has prompted me to write this post is that I just received updates from Philippine Airlines (PAL) on their promo rates to fly business class for both international and domestic destinations. The tickets which can be purchased beginning this month is valid for a year. Now scanning over the destinations, I see Manila-Bangkok there and marvel how relatively cheaper it is now. The fare for Business Class now is closer to the Economy fare (also valid for a year) way back in 2002. Well, that means we now have better opportunities for travel and that’s simply good news for travelers.

Check out PAL Business Class promo rates here.

Working Abroad – The Essential Guide

Working abroad is extremely exciting and appealing. For many people, this is a chance to have a completely new experience. Our lives might be stressful, but they are full of routine and they offer very little in the way of variation. For people that are sick of the same old 9-5 rat race, this is their chance to escape. Not only could they find themselves with a new career, but they also have a chance to experience new parts of the world at the same time.

Find The Work
The first thing to do is to make sure that you are situated in a place that is well known for having lots of jobs. If you look online, you will find lots of different job websites; you can use these as guides. Search 2-3 different professions and see how many jobs are listed in certain areas. If you aim for the areas where there are regularly 30-50 positions available rather than 10-20, then you are going to have a much better chance of getting a job.

Remove Language Barriers
Language barriers are usually the hardest part of moving abroad. Where are you moving to? What are the main languages that the people here speak? If you are fluent in the language that is used by the locals, then you have a much better chance of developing contacts and finding a good job!

Improve Your Skill Set
The main issue that expats have when trying to find work is that their skill set is only equal to that of other potential candidates. Most Governments will persuade their small business owners to employ natives rather than expats, unless the expats can do a job that the natives can’t.

Think about your job role and what extra skills might be required. For instance, if you are a purchaser, would the ability to speak French and German to communicate with suppliers, be welcomed by the employer? If you can set yourself aside from the rest of the potential candidates, then you have a much better chance of getting a job.

Get A Transfer
A popular way of becoming a working expat is to get a transfer from the current place of work. Speak to your employers and explain your plans. Even if they don’t have a position in the country that you want to move to, they might have contacts there. The more contacts that you have, the better! After all, it is not what you know, but who you know.

Applying For Visas
If you have developed a plan, then you should know how long you plan to stay in the particular country. Based on your length of stay, there will be a suitable visa. Most visas will take a few months to be processed. For this reason, you need to get the process of applying for your visa rolling a few months before you are due to depart.

Don’t book plane tickets until your visa has been accepted as there are sometimes some problems. Before you apply, it might be worth familiarising yourself with the requirements for a work permit for South Africa.


About the Author
Alex is a writer based in the UK. He has been writing for various top quality blogs since 2007. During that time he has even started many of his own blogs relating to finance and small business. Although over the years he has written on various subjects and niches, his favourites are relocation for expats and travelling.