Top tips for international removals: Can I use sea freight services for home relocation?

Moving home is stressful enough but what options are available when emigrating to start a new life in another country? Whatever your destination, you can rely on international relocation services via sea or air to handle your personal effects safely and affordably, and we have a few tips to ensure your emigration and shipping goes as well as it should do, minus the stress and chaos.
There are a select number of removals companies that provide a complete relocation service, and shipping may be used to transport your belongings safely if you are emigrating to far-flung destinations like Australia or New Zealand. Shipping by sea is much more affordable than sending your belongings by air as airlines charge a premium to transport belongings.
Shipping companies on the other hand are more than happy to ship a small amount of items or a whole container full to a country of your choosing and whilst it may take a little longer to reach its destination in comparison to air shipping (shipping by sea can often take weeks), it won’t break the bank! Costs are generally a couple of hundred pounds per cubic metre, with the average full 40 foot container costing around £5,000 in total, which is much more cost effective than air freight.
When it comes to insuring your container or shipment, it is highly recommended that you make sure you’re covered! There are a number of insurers that protect your goods whilst shipping via sea freight and it is an inexpensive addition which will pay dividend if anything were to go wrong. When taking out an insurance policy on your shipment, you will be asked to complete a manifest or inventory which charts every belonging included in your container. Take your time to fill out this important document accurately.
Quarantine is also a part of the shipping process, the cost of which should be included in your overall shipping quote. However, if your personal effects cause the container to be held up or delayed in any way, the shipping company may have the right to charge you for time spent idle. It is advisable that you check the small print of your contract to clarify how any additional costs may be incurred.
If for any reason, a select number of your goods have been contained and don’t qualify to pass the border, then there are usually just two options – destruction or fumigation. These also incur additional fines, which your shipping company will be able to advise you on before packing and shipping takes place. You can also complete research or ask for further guidance from your chosen shipping company about how to avoid the clearance issues and costly delays that may put your belongings in the doghouse!
Shipping by sea is an excellent and budget friendly option meaning you have more money in the bank to spend on your new home overseas. However, it is important to weigh up the pros and the cons when it comes to makes the decision between air, sea or road freight. Make sure you are clued up on the process and plan ahead to make your move abroad as stress-free as possible.

You can check out good rates online to ship your items.
You can check out good rates online to ship your items.

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