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5 of the Cheapest Countries to Visit for the Budget Backpacker

There’s simply nothing like backpacking. It allows you to truly experience your destination in a way that is both intimate and unforgettable. With many destinations becoming increasingly expensive and more tourists getting involved in backpacking, it can be hard to know where to go that still offers the best value for money. To help you plan your next adventure, here are 5 of the cheapest countries to visit for the budget backpacker.


There’s a reason why Thailand seems to top every backpackers travel list, and it comes down to the incredible experience that you can have on a budget. Thailand is a country full of absolutely magnificent scenery, rich cultural heritage and experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. Accommodation is inexpensive, the shopping is full of unbeatable bargains and the food is cheap yet sensational. All of this combines to create a trip which ticks all the boxes for a budget backpacker.


If you want to experience a real Mediterranean style escape on a budget, make sure you head to Albania. There’s a range of stunning golden beaches, rich architecture and historical attractions, amazing mountain hikes, and everything is far cheaper than a trip to Greece or Italy. If you haven’t already had a taste of what Albania has to offer, make sure you add it to your travel bucket list.

Costa Rica

For the perfect dose of Caribbean culture on the cheap, head to Costa Rica. You’ll have a wealth of stunning natural attractions to explore, such as volcanoes, amazing lakes, pristine beaches and breathtaking rainforests. The chance to swim in the plentiful waterfalls, hot springs and natural swimming holes throughout this beautiful country is truly an unforgettable experience.


An absolute must for any budget backpacker is a trip to Turkey. The incredibly rich culture and sense of history is fascinating, and when you team this with cheap accommodation and a reputation for delicious food, it’s easy to see why so many students make this a must-see destination. Turkey offers the perfect balance of Eastern and Western influences, and boasts an incredible array of churches, museums and traditional food markets to discover.


For a wealth of natural beauty, you simply can’t go past Indonesia. Thousands of pristine islands await exploration, filled with deep jungles and incredible beaches surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters. Sumba Island is a great place to start for backpackers with a love of sand, sun, surf and snorkelling.
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Written by Emma Jane

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  1. Turkey is great for cheap travel and food, although if you are a lone backpacker I would be very careful. In part it can be dangerous and I would only get off the beaten track if you were not travelling alone.

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