Steps On Air contains the travel tales (as well as a random thought or two), tips and reviews of Deli and Alicia. Their steps have taken them to different parts of the Philippines (their country of birth) as well as to different parts of Asia and beyond. Deli began this blog in 2011 while Alicia began sharing her adventures here in 2014. Their other travel contacts also share their own stories here from time to time.
More on the Authors:
Deli Simbajon.  Deli was born feet first into the world in the island of Bohol. She has lived in 4 cities including Bangkok (Thailand) before settling in Butuan City with her husband, Daryl. She has worked as writer and editor in the print media for years before she began blogging.
Alicia Davis, a very good friend of Deli, has lived in 3 different countries and has traveled extensively either solo or with her husband, Geoff. She counts South America and Africa as the only continents that she has not visited yet.

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