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Your Flying Option

If you think your only option to tour the beautiful islands in the Philippines is only by bus, boat and by commercial airlines, think again.
With Aviatour’s Fly’n Inc., you can enjoy flight tours. You can check out Olango island in Cebu and other nearby islands; you can also check out the magnificent Chocolate Hills in Bohol. You can avail a flight for 3 or even for up to 5 passengers.
Enjoying a tour with Aviatour’s can just be the best option for you if you want convenience, comfort, privacy.
You can also click here for more information and rates.
Get ready to fly!

The Senica 4431 can carry up to 5 passengers

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9 thoughts on “Your Flying Option”

  1. So cute, but I will have second thought, so small kasi.. Experienced a small plane from Davao to General Santos years ago.. believe me, natakot di ako!

  2. comfort and privacy in flying requires more cash too. But if we can afford, why not! Enjoy life’s luxuries whenever we can. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. wow, that would be really nice, only 5 people on that plane! here for WW, Lors! hope you could come by visit my entry…

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