Why We Must Travel

Yes, I mean that. I think all of us must travel. I propose that travelling is good news even essential to our bodies, our spirits. And why am I saying so?
When we travel, no matter how much we try to have the most comfortable or convenient travel arrangements, we are still stepping out of our normal routines, our usual comfort zone. This stretches our perspectives, our insights somehow of what life is outside of our daily lives. When we travel, we also get to meet new people, experience new cultures. In fact, it could even mean letting our tongue try a different language from our usual one. These experiences with people, cultures, languages remind us that there is a big world out there 🙂 And brings us back once again to the reality that we may have our own concerns, challenges, blessings but so do many others outside of ourselves and our usual relational sphere of family, friends, office mates.
When we travel, we pick up new ideas: how things can be done better or how things should not be done. Travelling can also open new connections and even resources we haven’t seen or known before. Think about it. Would the Western World have found out the wonderful spices that the east have to offer if explorers had not ventured beyond their usual shores? And would the east have appreciated more a democratic form of government had its people closed its travel doors towards the West? When I read Thai history, I saw reforms being initiated by King Chulalongkorn specifically in dealing with the people and monarchy due to his interactions with other cultures, his trips abroad. Travelling does change rulers, countries.
Travelling can teach us to appreciate our loved ones more. Oh, how good to know that as we finish our travel itinerary whether one of  business or leisure, home is waiting for us 🙂 There is your usual house, street, office — there is your usual family member or relative, your neighbor, office mate. It seems like these people at home are kinder to you. Well, you’re wrong. You’re the one who has changed — you’re more appreciative of the familiar people, surroundings. Travelling has changed you well 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Why We Must Travel”

  1. My husband and I both love traveling and even our little man. Right now, our little girl seems to show some interest in traveling as she is wide awake every time we go on a ride. Anyway, you are right. Every time we travel somewhere we learn new things from experiences, on things like what and what not to do the next time we travel, this and that. And no matter how far we travel and how fun our vacation is, it is always nice to be home. We are always glad we have the lovely place to come home too. Visiting via BPC.

  2. Travelling is a learning experience.. you get to learn a lot of things along the way. PLUS, you’ll get the opportunity to know great people…
    Visiting thru BPC

  3. my family love to travel places…how I wish to travel the whole world…kaso alang budget…:)
    thanks for joining BPC!

  4. I so agree with Emzkie, to travel is what all people would want to do. but because others don’t have the resources to do so, they end up dreaming of traveling, so like me! hehehehe. i’ve traveled years ago to South Korea and it’s really true, I got to experience and learn about their fascinating culture and history, I also met new friends and learned a few Korean phrases. most of all, it was fun and FREE! hehehe. bpc 82 visit here te Deli!

  5. It wasn’t in the recent years that I have traveled a bit or should I say, I have afford to travel. It is indeed fun.

  6. Very true. When you travel to different parts of the world, you learned to adjust to different people, cultures.
    I love to travel pero kapoy pud kaayo..

  7. Traveling is essential for the totality of our bodies. I asked my 5-year old daughter why we travel and her reply?
    “Because we have feet. God designed our feet to walk and go to places!”
    Late BPC 82 hop.

  8. Oh how I wish it is me waiting for my departure to the Philippines, that would be awesome 🙂 Dropping by for Wednesday Whites.

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