Between Steps

Where to in 2013?

I just took a step past 40 yesterday. And I don’t know about you but birthdays have a way of making me reflect how life has been. I call to mind the things that I am thankful for. And I am also encouraged to look forward, to hope and to plan for what’s ahead, acknowledging of course, that I am before the Great Author of the Universe 🙂 I am indeed thankful that I have a God whom I can count on.
Now, since this is a travel blog :), I would like to note here some of my travel dreams for the year 2013. One thing that I hope would be workable this year is for the hubby and I to travel to Manila. We never had the chance really to check out this bustling part of the country as a couple. I do not count the time when we just stayed at the airport waiting for our plane for Thailand in 2011, coming from our lovely city here in Mindanao. A second one is to travel to Palawan. Both of us have never explored that part of the country. I hope we would be able to do so some time. And the third dream/plan is to have another chance to travel internationally again this year.
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Now there are still 11 months in 2013 and when we are able to enjoy any of those 3 trips, for sure, I will be writing about it here. This is a travel blog after all 🙂

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