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What Types of RVs Are Best For Large Families?

If you’ve got a large group of people RVing with you, you’re going to need a lot of space. Here are a couple of good options for larger families to stay comfortable while out on the open road.
Always a popular choice for RVing families, large motorhomes provide tons of space and plenty of amenities for the traveling brood. Class-C motorhomes are the smaller version – these are under 30 feet, and have huge sleeping spaces over the driver’s seat, as well as a back bedroom and convertible sleeping spaces elsewhere in the vehicle. The only drawback is that there is much less storage space compared a larger, Class A.
Class-A motorhomes are larger, and offer more storage space, more amenities, more sleeping space, and a smoother ride. Bunkhouse RVs are great for families with little kids – something extra for them to enjoy!
Your next option is a pull-behind, such as a trailer or fifth wheeler. You’re going to need a strong truck or SUV to be able to tow and carry such vehicles. You can easily detach the tow vehicle from the trailer or fifth wheel – there are no toadies needed. Kids are safely belted during driving times, and there’s only one engine to worry about. You won’t be able to get out of your seats while driving, but you can enjoy all the amenities during one of your many stop-overs. The main obstacle is finding a capable tow vehicle that can seat everyone.

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