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What Catches Your Eye as You Travel?

What are some of the things that catch your eye as you travel?
For me, (other than the food, of course) works of art as well as the unique musical instrument of a people group and its culture fascinate me.
A particular culture will always have something different from what other cultures have to offer and we see it more clearly in the artwork and music, among other things. And so whenever possible, I try to buy something that shows such artistry or musical gift.
During one of my trips to Chiang Mai, Thailand, I bought this wind instrument made of bamboo (as shown in the photo below). My Thai friend showed me how to play it. I am still not good at it but well, I still consider it a precious part of my travel souvenirs 🙂

1 thought on “What Catches Your Eye as You Travel?”

  1. Ah, since I like to watch people. Do you know where this is going? It is usually the people – their facial expression and what they carry with them.

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