Travelling & Keeping It Clean

Perhaps it doesn’t need to be said. But then again, sometimes we all need a timely reminder.
Each time we travel and explore a place, I think it is a good rule to follow to keep the place as clean as it was before we got there. Our trash belongs to a trash bin, not just any spot on the park or a mall. And if you do smoke, those butts also belong to the trash bin, not just any convenient nook in a restaurant or a resort. 
I feel sad whenever I see plastic wrappers or food wrappers on the sea shore or even floating on the waves. Obviously, they just did not arrive there by themselves. Somehow, people brought them there or left them there. That’s not the way to take care of the environment; that’s not the way to behave at all as a traveller.
If we enjoyed a place, I think we should also allow others the chance to enjoy them as much, minus any distracting trash 🙂  
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4 thoughts on “Travelling & Keeping It Clean”

  1. I feel sad whenever I see trash thrown everywhere, too.. especially in parks where we could enjoy a quality time with the family. Great photo, Lors.. here for bpc!

  2. aw i love that sign! it is cool. hehe… when i went home to phil for the first time, i was so surprised on how trashy it is! before it didnt bother me but after 6years here in US and of getting used to with the clean environment here… the sidewalks of Phil is like a sore eyes. lol
    bpc hop!

    1. Not every sidewalk but I agree that some places do need good cleaning 🙂 By the way, the photo above was taken in Singapore.

  3. Hhaaha! That is a funny sign/note but really, true! 🙂 I love a clean view, too. And trash, esp. cigarette butts give me allergy! 😀
    BPC hop!

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