Travel Saving Tips

Are you gearing for a trip by 2014? Now, that’s just less than 2 months from now. In a previous post, I gave ideas on getting great airfare deals. This time, I would like to add more tips on how to further save for your trip.
1. Coupon your way. Yes, if you haven’t discovered the world of coupons, now is the time. They can save you not only in purchasing your needed travel items but they can also save you on your flights and in your hotel bookings. Check out Yatra coupons to see what I mean.
2. Decide your priority. What do I mean by this? If your focus is really going around the place you are visiting, then maybe you do not need to get a very pricey hotel or lodging place. Maybe you can choose a cheaper one. Check out your options.

Try online hotel booking to save on hotel costs.
Try online hotel booking to save on hotel costs.

3. Book your hotel online. Check out hotel websites and you can see that many of them will actually give you lower rates if you book with them online. One of my friends even shared that while on an international trip, he went inside one hotel and tried to get a room but found the cost a bit too high. When he went to a restaurant and checked on his laptop for online booking, he was able to book a room at the same hotel at a much lower cost!
4. Consider group travel. A number of hotels (and sometimes, even airlines) can give you special rates if you travel by group or in numbers. The same is true with tour packages. It will mean savings on your part if you travel in a group.
I will be sharing more travel saving tips next time. If you would also like to share yours, just drop a comment below 🙂

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