It's Time to Explore Ukraine

According to the World Tourism Organization rankings, Ukraine ranks 8th place in Europe based on the number of tourists who frequent it. Ukraine after all has its good share of tourist attractions including historical landmarks which have captured the hearts of its numerous visitors through the years. Exploring Europe would not be complete if you leave out Ukraine from your itinerary.
Now, if you prefer to focus on experiencing Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev, then you could go ahead and simply schedule a weekend tour there. Based on tours offered at, this would mean simply 4 days and 3 nights of knowing this city. Kiev, by the way, is also the 8th largest city in Europe.
A weekend tour to Kiev would include visits to Kiev-Pechersk lavra Monastery, St. Sofia Cathedral as well as The Pirogovo Museum of Architecture and Family Life. Take note that the museum shows the architecture of the Ukrainian villages, the life of peasants and the folk art of Ukrainians. The museum also has a large collection of folk clothes, furniture, wooden and clay dishes, as well as folk musical instruments.
If you haven’t considered checking out Ukraine and the city of Kiev before, perhaps this is the year to finally do so. Cool and affordable tours to Ukraine are available for the taking.

© Ihor Osov'yak | Dreamstime Stock Photos
© Ihor Osov’yak | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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