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Top Reasons to Visit Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is one of Australia’s most incredible hidden getaways. Stunning scenery teeming with exotic wildlife, gourmet produce, and action-packed activities are all just part of the allure of this natural island paradise. If you haven’t already investigated this spectacular destination, then here are the top reasons to visit Kangaroo Island.

Rest and Relaxation

Whether you choose to sleep in a swag under the stars, or experience utmost luxury in an indulgent hotel room, Kangaroo Island offers the perfect chance to relax and leave the stress of the mainland behind. While you’re unwinding, why not explore the Penneshaw Farmer’s Market and see all of the natural and organic produce on display, or view some of the local artwork on show at the gallery.

Explore the Wilderness

The greatest way to truly experience the best that nature has to offer is take one of the many Kangaroo Island day tours. If ecology is one of your interests, you can choose a range of guided wildlife tours, in which you will meet some of the island’s local animals, such as kangaroos, seals, koalas, echidnas and more. For those more interested in magnificent landscapes, then why not book a photography tour which will lead you to the most picturesque and dramatic spots on the island. The pictures you take will always be a reminder of the incredible journey you’ve had while visiting this unique destination.

Wining and Dining

In addition to fine dining restaurants and funky café’s, Kangaroo Island offers its visitors a unique ‘Farm Gate and Cellar Door’ tour. Explore the incredible produce from the hardworking growers and farmers on the island, with tastings and guided tours of the establishments that give Kangaroo Island its name for the finest in fresh food. After sampling the gourmet foods, it’s time to discover the island’s distinctive wines. After being declared a wine-making region in 2001, Kangaroo Island is now home to 18 home-grown labels, with vineyards spanning 200 hectares of land.

Amazing Activities

For those who want something a bit more adventurous, there is plenty on the island to get you active and feeling the adrenaline. Take an action-packed quad bike tour, explore the water by kayak, or have some fun with a sand-board. While you’re experiencing the outdoors, you’re bound to fall in love with the incredible scenery and natural beauty of the island. If you’re interested in something a little more civilised, why not stop by the races and take in the thrill of the chase at the Cygnet River Racecourse as the horses thunder past.Exploring the island in all its beauty, and seeing the incredible animals up close and personal is an experience that you will never forget. Taking a tour will ensure that your trip will also be a highly educational one. No matter what your interests are, there is something at Kangaroo Island for everyone. From thrills and spills to rest and relaxation, it is truly a unique destination.

About the author:Dylan is a Kangaroo Island Park Ranger and recommends that all tourists looking for a truly unique experience visit the Island. He says that these are the four most popular reasons to check out the beautiful Australian location.

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  1. Oh wow! this is my ideal place to go to! a touch of the wilderness plus luxury! What can we ask for! Adding something like this to my wishlist.

  2. Sounds like a great place to hangout and of course relaxation just like what you said. its always nice to see wild animal wandering around and not caged

  3. My eldest sister been to Australia b4 and I so love the country 🙂 I hope someday I could visit the Down Under and of course check out kangaroos and koalas as my kids love animals 🙂 Thank you for the helpful tips 🙂

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